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September, 2007
We just want to acknowledge some good deeds by our neighbors here in Big Bear, who have gone above and beyond, proving that we are living in the Great American City. Outlaw BBQ has been delivering pastries and coffee to the crews since Saturday.

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Jan-June 08
Loretta Stollz
Outlaw BBQ ... 
Hey, y'all! Who's up for some good ol' fashioned home cookin' and barbeque? Well, then, the award-winning Outlaw B.B.Q & Catering is right down your corrall. With a homey, wild west decor, you know it's time to relax, roll up your sleeves, and dive in. A menu of many scrumptious choices, like pork or beef ribs, chicken, tri-tip, or the Outlaw's famous chili, (which just melts in your mouth) awaits your decision.Yum! Or how about a hunk of some low & slow BBQ brisket? It's the best we've ever had! You've gotta try the beer battered, deep fried ribs! Wow, so tender and juicy! And they're crisp! That's not all. There are lots of side dishes to choose from, like BBQ beans with bits of the tri-tip in it, or the fresh Cole slaw (very healthful), or their family recipe cheesy potatoes. Mmm, so creamy and flavorful.You can just taste the love. The Outlaw's meats are smooth, smokey, and perfectly tender. And don't forget to try their own B. B.Q. sauces. Make sure you save room for fresh homemade cobbler, too. So, come on down and enjoy some fingerlickin' good comfort food. 

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Jan 3, 2007 

You won’t feel robbed at Outlaw BBQ
 What makes someone want to learn to cook an entire hog? Ask Lee Fisher. For him, it was just the next step in a long history of cooking meat outdoors. Now he does it professionally, as the co-owner of Big Bear Lake’s newest barbecue joint, Outlaw BBQ & Catering. The California native started cooking in restaurants at age 16, preparing steak and lobster. He eventually left the restaurant business, opening up a gun store, but he got sucked into the competitive world of barbecue contests. At Lee’s’s first contest in California, his tri tip scored a 180 out of 180. “The lowest score I’ve gotten is a 179,” Lee says proudly. Right from the start contest spectators starting inquiring about catering, and the people won. Lee now spends his days at a industrial-size smoker, cooking tri tip and brisket, chicken, hot links and ribs.  The secret of his success? “Our rub and my cooking,” Lee says. “It works.”

Article By Jeff Jones CBBQA President

Two CBBQA business members take on Nevada

Outlaw BBQ Catering and Jeff's Classic BBQ were invited to be the only vendors for the Ramada Express Hotel Casino in Laughlin NV Nov 21 & 22. They were the host of the "Big Ass Barbecue" Event. This weekend was the Rodeo Ropers Finals with over 3,000 competitors and also a huge Gambling Tournament. The Ramada provided the Bluegrass bands that played all weekend and Outlaw cooked over 2,000lbs of Pork Butt, Beef Brisket and Chicken. The Ramada Express served the barbecue lunch on Friday and Saturday for the guests and public with beans, coleslaw, salads, cornbread and then the pulled pork, brisket and chicken.
On Thursday afternoon Lee Fisher of Outlaw BBQ fired up his Southern Yankee Bar-B-Q with Hickory and the fun began. At 5:00pm Brisket and Butt were put on this awesome cooker and it went nonstop until Saturday at 5:00pm. This cooker was amazing, at 8:00am Friday morning we pulled off the brisket and butts and I have never seen more juicy and tender butts and brisket without basting. They cooked from 5:00pm Thursday until 8:00am Friday and were perfect. Why does that happen when you are not in a competition? Once the beef and pork were taken off, then chicken was put on. Imagine an 8 foot long rotisserie pit with 300 pounds of chicken in it. Again the chicken was awesome and it was basted with the BBQ sauce giving it that great barbecue look and taste we all love on chicken.